Project Manangement

This service is widely used when you choose to use multiple contractors for your project. We will manage and liaise with your professional team, all contractors and be on site for all building control visits. A weekly report will be generated through a dedicated client portal, giving you real time information of your project progress and financials. 

£1500 per week 

One off site visit

The purpose of these visits are to inspect the project at the close of each phase to ensure that your needs and requirements have been met. This will assist in avoiding any potential disputes when finishes are being installed. 


Scope of works

Some clients find it incredibly useful to have one scope of work that each contractor must follow when pricing their project. This can make it easier to compare costs when choosing your contractor. 


Snag list

A vital part for any project. Generally done on practical completion. We would complete a site walk through with yourself and create a practical snag list that can be used with your contractor to reach a final sign off. 


Snag sign off

This is a visit following the snag list completion. We will walk through with you to ensure all snags have been completed so you can sign off your project with confidence.